New Interior Floors

We make affordable and truly custom floors for personal homes and commercial spaces. When considering flooring, you can select mass produced materials to be installed the same way they are in a tract house or mobile home or you can a more eco-friendly, durable and custom floor. Time has shown us that well done custom work doesn’t fall out of fashion in a decade or two like merchandise from a big box store. We do stained and scored concrete floors. We use concrete polishing, chemical staining, penetrating dyes, coatings, overlays, stamping, and a variety of very creative mold-making and finishing techniques to create the floor of your dreams.

Permanent Floor Makeovers

Re-do your floor for the last time: There is just nothing as timeless and durable as element7concrete flooring.

If your existing home or workspace has a foundation, we can make a floor of it. For commercial spaces, we often grind, patch and stain the existing slab to make cool, funky floors, that tell some of the story of the building.

Our team is factory trained, and we have dozens of samples to check out in our showroom, which is open at nearly any hour by appointment. We would love to have you come by and see what we can do with your existing floor.

Exterior Resurfacing


A professionally acid-stained driveway will improve your homes curb appeal more for the money spent than anything else you could do.


When your old, weathered concrete driveway has outstayed its welcome, it can be repaired and then resurfaced to a better-than-new quality. This is a green building practice, as it extends the lifespan of your existing slab.