stained + polished concrete floors

Floors can be made shiny by coating or by polishing. Coating with some sort of plastic (polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic, etc) has it’s place in the world, but polishing is much better for the floor of a home, office, or retail store though. Concrete is generally polished by heavy machines “sanding” the concrete with progressively finer abrasives. The abrasives are made with diamonds bonded to metal or plastic, so it’s technically diamond polishing rather than sanding. You get the idea.

Concrete staining ought to only mean acid staining and using great penetrating dyes. Sadly, it often means painting on a semi-transparent paint of sorts, seeing it fail and then calling a professional.

Bringing  these two processes together creates a lot of variables, so having done 1000s of floors comes in very handy!

scoring (shallow, decorative sawcutting)

There are a lot of good reasons to score patterns into concrete floors. Patterns give a layer of craftsmanship and precision to the organic. Our favorite designs are patterns that would be very difficult to do in any other material.